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Software made to order

Software development is very specific service. Our company is not specialized on SW development. That is why we can't develop extensive, comples applkications. Under the term software development is the creation of applications with precisely determined aim. These applications are relatively small but from their uniqueness they cannot be replaced by already existing applications.

If there is an application that can meet your demands we will not try to develop a new one. Our motto is never invent something which is already invented.

Used technologies

Used programming languages:

  • C++ - for GUI (Graphic User Interface) libraries WinAPI, MFC
  • Java, for desktop applications J2SE, for mobile applications J2ME
  • Object Pascal - Delphi
  • C#

Used database platforms:

  • MS Access
  • MySQL
  • Oracle


From the essence of this service we can't say the exact price. Individual applications will be priced separately according to their size, used technologies, development complexity and so on.

Sale of software

We can mediate sale of software from the third group or person with instalation and confiuguration of the application. We an also help customer with deciding about which application to buy, what software is the best for you and which is priced profitabvly.

We are able to install and configure nearly whatever software. Customers demands instalation and configuration of operating systems at the most, mainly Microsoft Windows XP, in the area of server systems Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.