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Network solutions

Computer networks are nowadays indispensable part of our lifes. Standalone computer is useful but a lot of modern operation system's functionality is unused without networks. Computer networks can be represented by Internet connection, by joining several computer at home or several dozens of computers in a company. Networks are used to share data or files, to run server applications, to play network games or to browse through web.

Wired or wireless technology?

One possible type of network is wired network. This solution has some advantages, e.g. it is fast and reliable. Disadvantage is decreased mobility and the ease of connection. Disadvantages of wired networks are advantages of wireless networks.

With wireless network you can connect into Internet or into corporate network without the need to plug some cables. You can e.g. browse the Internet on the terace of your house.

Network related services

We are trying to create very flexible network design with minimal maintanance demands. Theoretical knowledge and practical experiences are guaranteed by CISCO certificates.

Representative services:

  • Network topology design
  • Wireless networks WiFi
  • Network protocols configuration
  • Configuration of router, firewall, network cards, network printers and other netwaork hardware
  • Network applications configuration
  • Server configuration