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Welcome to the company Lukáš Pitka - IT consultancy. We offer complex services in the area of information technology which is an area indispensable these days. We will be glad to help you in solving any problem related to computer technology. We offer services to households and to small companies.

Where can you find us

We are providing services in two geographical areas. Firt locality is the capital city Prague, second is region Vysočina, district Žďár nad Sázavou. Please, contact us if you are interested in our services.

Our people

Our workers are familiar with commopn problems that can an individual or a company face in the area of information technology. Their experiences are based on strong theoretical knowledge that is supported by practice in the area.

Services offered

We are offering a wide range of services. These are mainly consultations, i.e. that we are creating solutions for problem situations. Most of these solutions are subsequently realized in practice.

All services are provided in two languages - czech and english. It means that foreign customer does not need some intermediary but he ar she can contact us directly.

Selected services:

  • Software development
  • Web presentation development, web pages for individuals or corporate pages, webdesign
  • IT consultancy
  • Computer networks consultancy, design, topologies, WiFi
  • Software and hardware solutions, consultancy in the area of software and hardware
  • Maintenance of software, hardware and computer networks
  • Corporate design - corporate documents design

These services are only a fraction of really provided services. For more information about this topic visit services page. If yopu want to look through some reference matertials you can visit reference page.