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Hardware solutions

Hardware, computer components, is the basis of trouble-free use of software. The choice and instalation of these components is very important. We can advise you what components to buy, what choices are and how much will the solution cost. We can also assemble computers and test their stability. If your budget is limited, we can find the best solution for you.

What are the reasons for not buying already assembled computer?

Of course you can buy already assembled computer. However these very often contain low-quality components so the price of the whole computer will be low, or on the other hand are these computers filled with high-tech components for enormous price and majority of the potential of these components is useless. We will assemble computer according to your specification of usage. Before the act of buying components is the process of surveying. After this phase is much easier to assemble the computer (or other HW device) that will satisfy all your desired needs.